GabEnergy is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia and we sell solar photovoltaic equipment at cost (plus a small fee). We work with residents and community organizations in BC to establish solar photovoltaic systems to meet a variety of goals including sustainability, community capacity building, and cost savings. We are the largest provider of solar photovoltaic equipment West of the Rockies, and are an authorized dealer for Sentinel Solar. Interested people are welcome to connect with us to discuss using the GabEnergy model in their communities.

The GabEnergy mission is defined by the following objectives:

  1. To assist residents of BC in sourcing, installing and commissioning solar photovoltaic systems on their properties through wholesale purchasing of equipment and installation by local trades people (if needed). DIY options also exist.
  2. To work with BC organizations to facilitate alternative energy systems. For example, we assisted the Pender Island Recycling Depot and the Pender Island School with two large solar project. Here is a short video of the installation at the recycling depot. We are also worked with the Gabriola Commons on a 10 kW system.
  3. To promote energy conservation as a major part of an energy strategy.

To help GabEnergy move forward with other community initiatives, an additional payment will be included for the services we provide to you. The purchase and delivery of equipment through GabEnergy will require payment of 12.5% of equipment and shipping, not including taxes. A portion of this fee (7.5%) is used to create employment income for associates across the province who work with us, while the remaining 5% covers our ongoing society costs (insurance, bookkeeping, website, advertising, etc). We also strive to put aside approximately $10-12,000/year to help establish solar arrays for community groups. In 2016, GabEnergy partnered with Bullfrog Power to install a 4.34 kW array as a gift to the Gabriola Arts Council.


As a not-for-profit society, all contracts must be paid 100% in advance before shipping commences. Our prices are unbeatable. A GabEnergy-Client Agreement will need to be signed prior to placing orders and a copy can be downloaded here Client Contract-13Jul2016.