About Us

Our Organization

GabEnergy was registered in March 2014 in BC as a nonprofit society under the name, Gabe Energy Society. GabEnergy started as a community-minded initiative to bring solar equipment to Gabriola Island residents. It quickly grew into a vibrant enterprise that provided solar PV expertise and equipment to individuals, businesses, organizations, and municipalities across BC. We are for the time being, however, confining our operations to the Gulf Islands and the Nanaimo area.

Our Mission

GabEnergy’s mission is to actively seek ways to broaden knowledge and spread news about the application and economics of solar energy. We do this through information sharing, workshops and partnering with local organizations and contributing equipment and design for community solar PV systems.

Our Vision

GabEnergy’s vision is to actively promote the use of solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint, replace our dependence on traditional energy sources, and facilitate energy independence.

50 +
Projects Completed
1700 +
PV Modules Sold
450 +
kW installed
50000 +
$ in energy saved

Meet the Team

Bill McCaugherty

Bill has an engineering background and has had a long time interest in energy conservation and renewable energy. He lives in a self constructed energy efficient hybrid home on Gabriola Island, which currently generates more electricity than it consumes on an annual basis.

Todd Ballantyne
Communications Director
Our Sales Associate Team
Dave Neads
Darrin Boyko