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Energy- Saving Solutions to Go Green at Home

In the times of economic crisis that we live in today, we more focused on saving money than usual, so all the tips that allow us to save energy and therefore spend less money are well received.

But energy saving is something that we should be constantly implement in our lives, not only because we spend less money but also because it is absolutely necessary to preserve the environment.

Most of the appliances we use daily emit harmful gases, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), which is responsible for accelerating climate change, which in turn leads to increased health problems (respiratory diseases, dermatological disorders, cancer).

We should therefore be very careful about the way in which we use them in our daily lives. In this article, we will review the best tips to save energy at home.


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Close the windows and lower the shutters during the warmer hours. A fan consumes less energy than an air conditioner, but if you chose it, place it in a shaded part of the house. Close the windows when in use, keep the filters clean and regulate the temperature at about 22-24 °C.

This way it is possible to maintain the minimum energy expenditure using the air conditioning, besides that it brings other economic benefits that will be of much help in the future.

Thermal Insulation

Good thermal insulation ensures a more optimal temperature inside the houses. For this, the best is double-glazing windows and the insulations in the exterior enclosures so that this insulation works efficiently, and thus provides a huge benefit to obtain more heat or cold as the case may be.

This would be one of the most important tips to keep a home fresh, enjoyable and energy-saving.

Household Appliances

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The household appliances are divided according to their energy efficiency with letters ranging from A to G. The letters are accompanied by signs + or – to clarify the classification further.

Household appliances are more expensive, but it is worth investing in them because the electricity bill will be lower and the price difference will be repaid in the medium term.


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Clothes are best washed in cold water or at very low temperatures, as 90% of the electricity consumed by a washing machine is to heat the water. It is necessary to fill the washing machine and use economic programs WITHOUT pre-washes. In addition, current detergents are the same or more effective in cold water.

It is advisable to clean the filters of the household appliances frequently to guarantee a smaller consumption. Good maintenance is essential not to overspend. With these tips your home will be certified in energy saving, you’ll have a greener home that is friendly to the environment and thus help to lower global energy consumption.